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What ist African time

African Time is a happy hour programme with the aim to present African Music from the different countries of Africa, to present the different cultural societies. We try to bring a better connection, better communication and comprehension for each other, Africans and Austrians.

Our current-affairs programme

We give You information about:

the law, healthness, the different culture, current events, news, workshops and schoolprogrammes, etc.
If You have any questions, informations, problems or ideas, call us:

Sunday 9.00 - 10.00: 0316 830 880 80

Welcome to African Time on air
African time crew menbers Joseph Dim, Aminuo Bana, Mathew Biko, Emmanuel Kayode, Joseph Emeka, Tyna Osuji, Linda Ebulu and Nana Sewaa.
Special adviser Mrs. Veronika Dreier.

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